A great thought for you this morning…
“There’s no traffic beyond the extra mile.”
There’s a societal dissection that tells us 97% make up the majority and the remaining 3% are known as the outliers.  The outliers are the most “successful” around us.  However you define success, the outliers seem to blow past status quo, exceed expectation and achieve greatness.  They love wholly, live fully and smile continuously.  From what I’ve studied and observed, the 3% aren’t the smartest nor are they the most naturally gifted.  Instead, the 3% are the ones among us that understand if they work just a little bit harder than everyone else they’ll accomplish uncommon results.  They understand that if they demonstrate just a little more passion than everyone else they’ll lead complete lives.
They understand that…”there’s no traffic beyond the extra mile” because 97% have already stopped or given up.