A Lesson in Patience – From Gardening

A lesson in patience: I’ve had the most trouble getting bushes to grow in my flower bed at home. I’ve brought at least 3-4 sets in 2 seasons (so much for “evergreens”) and none of them have survived the growing conditions or the wrath of Fred, the supposedly stray cat who occasionally visits my yard. So this time I decided to get a different kind of bush, one that was more low maintenance and care free. After a week of looking fantastic both of them started to shed leaves instantly. One shed half its leaves and the other lost everything. I was so bummed about the bush that lost all its leaves, but something told me not to pull it out just yet. I decided to wait another week or so. To my own delight and surprise, on Friday I awoke to find tiny little green leaves sprouting on this bush. And here I thought for sure he was a goner, turns out he just needed some time to adjust to the new environment. He is a survivor. Take that Fred! And know this, it’s easy to act rash in situations that don’t go our way. But try to imagine what would happen if we take a step back and wait until things settle down? Anything is possible. 

By: Jessica