Happiness From Within

By February 14, 2013 Favorites, In a thought...

HAPPINESS – just the word alone is enough to make most of us feel a sense of peace. I took a yoga class last night that left me with a novel thought. Let me offer you this…

The majority of us are in a “search” for happiness. We’re turning our attention outward to search for the peace that happiness creates. On occasion, we’ll spend time with someone and we’ll think to ourselves, “This is it. This is the happiness I’ve been searching for…I’ve found it!” In other instances, there are certain places we travel to and we say, “Yes! This is it…This is the peace and happiness I’ve been searching for.”

I’d like to suggest this: Happiness is not a search and if we treat it as such, we will find that we’re searching more than we’re actually feeling the warmth that happiness invokes. This leaves us tired and disappointed. Happiness already exists from within. It is on our minds, in our hearts and in our souls. The key is to turn our attention inward, recognize that it already exists, and fill our days with activity that allows us to respond to it.

Happiness is not a search; it is recognition of what already exists.

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