Letter to Yourself

Want to know one of the most rewarding exercises I did in 2012 for personal growth and awareness? I wrote a letter to myself. I know that at first glance that may sound foolish but I’d absolutely recommend it.

Here’s how it works; you’re writing a letter to yourself, only it’s dated a year from today. In today’s case, you would date it January 3, 2014. Write it to yourself using as many details as you possibly can about 2013, the goals you set, the people you met, the places you saw and the accomplishments you achieved. By writing this out you’re triggering thoughts about what you want the year of 2013 to look like for you. Not only are you building expectation and being more intentional about the way YOU want YOUR year to turn out, but you’re also creating a way to check on your progress throughout the year and see if you’re keeping up with the year you set out to live.

If you want to hear more about this exercise, hear how I did in 2012 (my results may surprise you), or have any questions I’d be more than happy to elaborate!

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