Patience and Awareness

Patience and Awareness – The Old Fisherman


He strives to master the two, and in turn, strives to master his existence. For patience without awareness finds his line in the lake too long – bait stolen by the jaws of a starving carp.  However, a continuous quick reel at the cast of a falsely shadow leaves him out of the water and frustrated – awareness without patience.  But through the balancing and mastery of both, he is able to fill his basket and leave this life on a full stomach.


As the way of The Old Fisherman goes, such goes the way of life.  Having patience without awareness and you find yourself too complacent and comfortable.  Oblivious to ‘the’ moment as it swims away into the darkness.  Having awareness without patience and you find yourself anxious and rattled.  Expecting to pull in the tide when the fish arent biting.  The tide will rise and it will receed.  Time will bring new things.  Have patience.  Have awareness.  Strive to master the two and you strive to master your existence.



By: Sandman