Relationships Valued Above Anything Else in Life

By August 28, 2015 Blog, Favorites
Relationships Valued Above Anything Else in Life - Pete Kohlasch

I always had trouble ‘letting go’ and allowing relationships to develop as they would. I always felt if someone was a best friend in one phase of my life they’d most certainly be a best friend in another. I think it’s noble to have those kinds of thoughts and feelings toward friendship; and certainly common. But is it effective to carry that expectation? I don’t think so.

I learned that if you have a deep desire to grow, then your growth is going to change, refine, cultivate and shape you. You’ll start to become more of who you are and less of who you were. As you become less of who you were when a relationship was at its peak then the tight bond and connection may start to wane. Perhaps he is not as focused on growth as you, or perhaps he is, but in a different direction, toward different goals and different dreams. Either way, the relationship now finds each of you in a different place then it met you. It’s not a bad thing; it’s not a good thing—just different.

Do all relationships dissolve with growth? Thankfully not. There are those incredibly rare relationships that as you grow, he supports and even compliments your growth. And as he grows, you support and compliment his. You’re bound by similar desires and aspirations, goals and dreams, and the thought of growing together strengthens the relationship, making the relationship more intense then when you started.

These relationships should be valued above anything else in life. They’re as unique as diamonds and as precious as gold. Wherever you are headed and whatever you desire, these relationships will not only exponentialize your potential to get there, but will add a layer of fulfillment unrivaled along the way.

Are these kinds of relationships incredibly rare? Absolutely.

Don’t be discouraged by its rarity but encouraged by its allure.

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