Simple Habits Create Big Impact

By January 9, 2017 Blog

A single good habit is typically enough to create a ripple effect in several areas of your life.

By now, most of us have heard the benefit of making your bed right when you wake up. Not only does it leave you an inviting place to lay your head when the day is done, but beginning your day with accomplishment (albeit small) creates a positive psychological effect that ripples into the rest of your day (not too small).

On display, one simple habit creating a very positive impact.

With this knowledge, we’d have to be foolish not to put it to work for us, right?

Brace yourself: We must be foolish.

Most people ignore this “life hack” and chalk it up as not a big deal in the scope of them achieving their larger goals. They think, “How is doing something as simple as making my bed going to contribute to me hitting my sales goal this month?”

What they’re failing to realize is that this oversight will underline many other “seemingly insignificant” decisions as well.

Before long, when faced with decisions on simple, positive habits—to do or not to do—they’ll consistently decide not to.

Doesn’t sound too harmful, right? Oh, but it is.

The more we study high performance and focus on individuals who are thriving, flourishing and consistently living at their highest levels, the more we realize their success is not in the grandiose. They’re not performing some crazy, super-sophisticated activity or strategy that is reserved only for the very elite. Instead, when faced with decisions on simple, positive habits, they’re welcoming them with open arms and making those habits work for them in a big way.

A specific idea for you…

Before you leave the office each day (or your desk if you’re working from home), make sure to clear your desk. When you come back to your desk and return to your work, your clear desk will result in a clear mind; a clear mind naturally results in clear thoughts; and clear thoughts are your surest bet for a productive day.

As the great Jim Rohn would say, “What’s easy to do is just as easy not to do.”

Successful people consistently do that which is easy to do. Will you?