The Questions You Ask Yourself Each Morning and What They Mean

By December 3, 2015 Blog

What are the questions that you’re asking yourself each morning when you wake up? If I know nothing else I know that the self-dialogue you have each morning is a huge determinant of how you will approach your day. Take for example two questions and imagine the different impact each would create…

Q1 – How am I going to make enough money to pay my bills?


Q2 – How can I build PerspeKtive into the most inspirational company in the world?

As I’m sure you’d imagine, these questions lead to completely different thoughts and consequently, completely different actions. In question 1, I’m operating from a scarcity mindset. In question 2, a mindset of abundance.

Don’t let your self-dialogue go on in your mind without being fully aware of the impact it’s creating on your life and the ability you have to live at the best version of who you are. If you ask yourself great questions it forces your mind to go searching for great answers. Just the same, if you ask yourself disempowering questions your response will fall in a similar disempowering alignment.

A reminder from PerspeKtive to:

Always Be the Best Version of You!

Taking inventory and developing awareness is crucial for growth. For a deeper, more in-depth opportunity to look at how you can possess the strategy to achieve anything you want and the blueprint to improve it, check out this upcoming free online course starting in early December.

Is 2016 the year that your BEST version finally surfaces?

About the Author: With an incessant focus on high performance training and mindset mastery, Pete Kohlasch dedicates his life to challenging and inspiring others to live into the best version of themselves. Pete’s focus is on creating the most innovative, impactful and transformative growth experiences for his clients and fans. Creator of Personal Accelerator Blueprint and Winning Mindset, Pete understands the psychology and strategy behind creating sustainable success and is excited to share it with you.

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